Become Organized and Focused

One of the things I had to learn all over again was how to stay focused and be organized. It is the difference between making it happen and never quite being able to arrive at the destination. I am taking a course on how to market on the internet and it became painfully obvious that my focus has deterioated. I could either ask for a refund or decide to regain my focus I used to [….read more….]

Ways To Earn Income Online

With todays advancement of technology and the internet, the number of opportunities and possibilities for people to make money has skyrocketed in the past few years. However, a beginner will always find it quite confusing to start working online. Here are some of the reliable ways and skills to make money via the internet. All anyone needs in modern times is a reliable internet provider and a computer along with a learned set of skills [….read more….]

Web Page Set up

If you are new to the internet marketing game and need help in setting up a website you have come to the right place. Let’s start with getting a domain name and a hosting account. First of all create a new domain name, this should be something that you can use to brand yourself which is in essence your company name. This should cost you around $10-15 per year and is one of the lowest [….read more….]