Hi, We started this site to help others achieve things they never thought they could. Actually that is not the hard part the hard part is helping others believe they can do so much more than what they think. Once that is accomplished they all seem to be amazed at what they can really do.

I have been in the distribution industry for over 40 years but I have always taken a different approach to employees. I never believed they all need to be “watched”, “told what and how to do things” or discipline them for making mistakes. I truly believe that in order to learn and grow you MUST make mistakes. In my book there is no real Success without failure and comparatively it is much like the natural law of if you inhale you must exhale.  But as much as I like to discuss philosophy talking about it will not get it done. You must take actions to complete anything.

I have found that most people just do not have the skills of creating a vision, a detailed action plan and thus mentally quit shortly after they start. Not that is a bad thing if you are happy with where you are at but for those who want more from life there needed to be another option. If that means a complete program from scratch that is what I will offer. My plan is pretty simple when I learn of new things that help me become more I share them with you.

Here is the first thing I suggest everyone starts with and it will set your foundation for future growth. It’s called The 12 Week Year and is absolutely a necessity for 97% of the people who want more in life. My only wish is that I would have found it much earlier in my life so I could have helped even more along my journey. I personally went with the audio book as I listen when I am driving or on a walk or on the treadmill.  Check it out!