If you want to start your own business then let’s be real

So you want to run your own internet business and live the life of leisure hey? First of all, let me say it ain’t gonna be easy. Secondly, there is a minimum amount of requirements of which one is it will cost you some money for necessary tools such as a domain name, autoresponder, landing pages, sales copy, etc.  You will have to learn new skills and that alone takes time and MOST important you will have to take ACTION. Believe it or not all of those are minimum requirements. But if you put things into perspective all of those are required just to live life.

So you want to start an online business – it will cost money.

It costs money to pay for gas and clothes to go to a job every day and this doesn’t even consider your cost of some freedoms such as being able to do what you want when you want. I mean obviously, if you are at a job for 8 or more hours you cannot exactly say I will be back in a few hours when I am done playing with my kids or taking my spouse out to lunch. To me, this is a cost that is unbearable and ultimately ends up being a direct monetary cost due to the daily stress of being in that situation….every day.

Skill Sets are required if you want to start an online business

Now the skills are a different thing because learning can be difficult and definitely for me was frustrating but learning new skills is doable by almost all people and after you realize how valuable those new skills can be they become just a new challenge that has to be overcome and then you can start to enjoy your life on your terms.

Taking Action in this list is the last one but in reality, taking action is the most important. If you think about it by taking action at some point it will require you it will make you learn new skills and then you will realize you need some of the tools that cost money. So, in essence, taking action is the most important requirement of all because it forces you to learn by trial and error. By the way, there is nothing wrong with trial and error and as a matter of fact, most people who have made a positive impact have had many errors before they helped someone else or even the world But Now can follow their dreams.

Getting and Staying focused, taking action and never giving up are the so-called secrets. If you just want to get rich quick please do not sign up below, you must be willing to do all 3 minimum requirements.

So you want to start an online business?

So if you want to start an online business and are serious than continue reading. If you are interested in learning more from this old trial and error guy follow the link and sign up and then we can get started.  Start Here

Until next time….

Jim Cottone